Sender Reputation Check-up

When you are overrun with Soft Bounces or your Opens Rate has seen a steep decline, there’s a good chance that your Sender Reputation has been damaged. We can help identify the cause and remedy.

Even many experienced email marketers lack a deep understanding of what sender reputation is, how it is earned and how it is remediated.  Often, they believe that if they send through a reputable ESP (Email Sending Provider) that claims to be “white-listed” that they will not encounter sender reputation problems.  While sending through a provider with a poor sender reputation could certainly start you down the wrong path, the mere practice of sending through a reputable, white-listed ESP does not guarantee that you will not encounter sender reputation problems.

If you are using dedicated IP Addresses to deploy your marketing emails, your practices could trigger excessive spam filtering and blocklisting impacting your sender reputation.  If your emails are deploying from IP Addresses shared with other users, any perceived or real misstep on their part could impact your email deliverability.

Perhaps you have a vague understanding of what “sender reputation” is but are not entirely clear about what this is.  Simply, this is how third-party sender reputation, spam watchdogs and email monitoring services rate you.  While each may look at this somewhat differently, overall they monitor such factors as how new your IP Addresses are, how much email your IP Addresses are pushing out in a time period (hourly or less, daily, weekly and monthly), what your spam/feedback loop complaints percentage is, if your email subject line includes “spammy” words, if your email content has “spammy” characteristics and other factors.  A positive sender reputation can be earned slowly over time or can be decimated by a single email broadcast deficient in one or more best practices (a poorly hygiened list, ill-conceived subject line or message content, failure to throttle email sending volume, etc.).  In the latter instance, immediate remediation is essential to avoid a permanently damaged sender reputation.

We recommend a sender reputation check-up anytime you are seeing moderate to high Soft Bounces and/or a good Delivery Rate but sub-optimal Open Rate.