Inbox Monitoring & Seed Lists

A common misunderstanding among email marketers and clients is that the “delivered” metric represents the number of emails that reached recipients’ inboxes. This is a misinterpretation of the metric. In fact, the “delivered” metric is merely the number of emails sent minus the hard and soft bounces. You cannot make an inference from this metric as to how many emails that were delivered (i.e. did not bounce) actually reached the inbox rather than the Spam folder (or in the case of Gmail, the Promotions folder).

Having a reliable way to determine the number of emails actually reaching the inbox is paramount as this will provide you with valuable insights into your open and click rates, conversion rate and email marketing practices. This can explain why a high delivery rate fails to translate to a successful open and click rate.

So how can email marketers make a reasonable determination of the percentage of emails reaching the inbox versus the Spam filter?

Through our inbox delivery monitoring service, we can accomplish this for you. Here’s how it works:
We open email accounts for you with 30-150 leading ISPs and Webmail hosts depending on the option you choose. We provide you with a seed list including each of these unique email addresses to include in each and every email campaign you send out. We monitor each of these accounts and report back to you the number of emails that reached the inbox versus the Spam or Promotional folder per ISP or Webmail host. While user settings can loosen or tighten inbox Spam filtering rules, this will provide insight into how that ISP or webmail host is treating your in-bound emails. We can optionally set up additional email accounts with user settings set to loose on one and tight on another, as well as email accounts with graphics turned on and off to give you even greater insight into your actual inbox delivery.

We offer reporting options per campaign, daily, weekly or other frequency that you request.

Should our monitoring determine an unacceptable inbox delivery rate, you might be interested in having us perform a Forensic Campaign Analysis of the email campaign that went out, a Sender Reputation Audit or an overall email marketing Best Practices Audit to give you further insights into the cause of the aggressive Spam filtering and actionable recommendations for mitigating this in the future.

We recommend at a minimum that each campaign you send out for the first time with either a new creative, subject line or list be monitored.