Blacklist/Blocklist Monitoring

If your soft bounce and open rates are sub-par, your sending domain name or IP addresses may be blacklisted or blocklisted. No single monitoring service is likely to catch every listing. We know the ones that really matter and monitor all of them for you.

What exactly is the difference between a blacklist and a blocklist? They are actually the same thing. While some such monitoring services continue to refer to themselves as “blacklist” monitors, most have gotten away from the term due to its negative social implications and now term themselves “blocklist” monitors. In either case, these services monitor emails globally using various algorithms and tools that determine whether the email campaign is likely spam or likely legitimate opt-in email. If the service determines that the campaign is likely spam, they may and likely will add the sending IP Addresses and possibly the sender’s domain on its blocklist. The prominent blocklists have thousands of ISPs, Webmail Hosts and private companies who rely on these services to drive their inbox delivery policies. In short, once your IP Addresses and/or domain name appear on a blocklist, this can decimate your email marketing campaign with fewer and fewer emails you send reaching the inbox.

We recommend constant monitoring of the major blocklists. While there are blocklist aggregator services you can subscribe to which provide automated alerts and reports, we have found that no single service provides a wide enough cross-section of the major blocklists to take the place of live manual monitoring such as that offered by

We monitor several leading aggregator services for you as well as dominant individual monitoring and sender reputation services on a daily, weekly or per-campaign basis. If we find your IP addresses or domains are blocklisted, we recommend the action steps needed to unblock these and to rehabilitate your sender reputation if needed.

Inquire for details and we’ll help design a blocklist monitoring program that meets your budget.