Email Marketing University

Certified_Expert_SealEmail Marketing University was developed by SRE to help educate newer email marketers on the basics while updating, augmenting and equipping experienced email marketers with the latest research-based best practices, trends, emerging technologies, techniques and challenges.  In addition, there are in-depth modules with indispensable information about the greatest challenges that pose the greatest threat to email marketing success and how to overcome them.  These include email deliverability, sender reputation, spam filtering, blocking, blacklisting, delivery deferrals and soft bounces, spam traps and more.

With modules developed by a respected veteran email marketer and owner of a data company (mailing and email list source), ESP (provides email deployment services) and agency (offers turnkey email campaigns), this curriculum is based on years of direct, hands-on experience, with tens of millions of emails sent for corporate, nonprofit and political clients.

The university uses a modular self-study format that allows students to take themselves through the digital course content online when convenient and at their own pace.  An optional graded test and email marketing expert certification is also offered.  Ala Carte pricing per module is $95 each for modules 1-5 and $195 each for modules 6-8 and $995 for all eight modules.  Students may start with any module they feel ready for and may take the courses in any order although we recommend taking them in sequence.  Order here.

Modules 1-5

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • The Changing Email Marketing Landscape
  • Putting Together an Effective Email Marketing Plan
  • Email List Basics
  • Email Content Basics

Modules 6-8

  • Getting Inside the Inbox
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Email Campaign Analysis

All modules

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • The Changing Email Marketing Landscape
  • Putting Together an Effective Email Marketing Plan
  • Email List Basics
  • Email Content Basics
  • Getting Inside the Inbox
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Email Campaign Analysis


Not sure you need it?  Be sure to take the test on our Home Page!  (Of course, the Email Marketing University course work covers much, much more.)

The current curriculum is described below:

Module 1 – Introduction to Email Marketing

  • Advantages of Email Marketing
  • How it is used and who uses it
  • Industry outlook, scope and how it stacks up to social media & traditional media
  • Why implementing a Best Practices policy is so important
  • CAN SPAM Act and other laws governing email marketing
  • Compliance rules of the road

Module 2 – The Changing Email Marketing Landscape

  • State of the industry yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • How emails are read and where technology is headed
  • Videos and other bells & whistles

Module 3 – Putting Together an Effective Email Marketing Plan

  • Define your audience and campaign objectives
  • Email frequency and timeline
  • Developing & gathering content
  • Readying your list:  hygiene, ECOA, suppression file, segmentation, targeting
  • Trigger events drip campaigns & remailing non-opens
  • Measuring the results

Module 4 – Email List Basics

  • Opt-in email list strategies
  • Engagement
  • Opt-out and bounce processing
  • Email list validation, suppression and permission passing
  • Spam trap screening & cleaning
  • List Building & Acquisition:  Best practices & Pitfalls
  • Pros and cons of using third-party lists; Legalities & ISP Terms
  • List Fatigue:  what is it and how to avoid it
  • Email list attrition, churn, re-confirmation, re-enagement, ECOA

Module 5 – Email Content Basics

  • Subject Lines, Headers & Metadata
  • Personalizing & fallback name; Salutations
  • Message Content:  Offer, Copy, Images & Links
  • Template Design for Multiple Platforms & Devices
  • Call-to-action
  • Landing Page

Module 6 – Getting Inside the Inbox

  • Email QC checklist
  • Preliminary sender reputation check
  • Segmentation, throttling and suppression
  • Resends and event triggering
  • Soft Bounce monitoring, analysis and processing
  • Blocklist and watchdog spam monitoring
  • Spam filtering triggers checklist
  • Inbox delivery monitoring & seed lists
  • Understanding & addressing email campaign analytics
  • Feedback loops & complaints; Abuse reports
  • Inbound throttling, deferrals and firewalls
  • Mitigating and remediating sender reputation issues

Module 7 – Conversion Strategies

  • Value proposition basics
  • Call-to-action
  • Link & button placement
  • Landing page basics
  • Click verification

Module 8 – Email Campaign Analysis

  • Understanding the metrics
  • Soft bounce analysis
  • Post-campaign sender reputation check
  • Conversions

Self-testing & optional graded testing & email marketing expert certification

Note:  due to the evolving nature of the email marketing industry, course content and the curriculum are subject to change at any time.  Please request our latest curriculum prior to ordering